Here at Mineral Wells we seek to create an environment where every person, regardless of spiritual background, feels valued and welcomed. One way we try to accomplish this is by encouraging people to be in relationship with others. At the same time, we recognize that it is a challenge for people to make deep personal connections when so many people are gathered together on a Sunday morning. Therefore, Mineral Wells emphasizes the importance of Worship – Plus 2. Worship – Plus 2 is our way of expressing the importance of being in Worship each week, PLUS…

1) Being involved in a Small Group – a place where people are encouraged to fill up by growing deeper in their faith and at the same time, build relationships with each other; and

2) Serving in a ministry area at Mineral Wells as we allow God’s grace and love flow out through us.

Around Mineral Wells this is what we commonly refer to as “Filling Up and Flowing Out”. It’s our way of living out our mission.



For more information, contact, Margie Collins at our church office or 662-895-2208.