One Word
A new year message series AND a L3IFE Plan for the new year.
Message Series: One Word: Abide Being a Disciple means one main thing, one word – ABIDE! To abide in Jesus is the answer to most of our other questions and pursuits. To abide in Christ equips us, empowers us, encourages us, teaches us and commissions us. To abide in Jesus may be the most important thing we do on this planet. So, what do we actually do to abide? And how does abiding in Jesus help us be a disciple?  If abiding is so important, so desirable, what are the results?  This series will build upon itself, so don’t miss!
L3IFE Plan: We are not just going to talk about ONE WORD, we are going to LIVE IT! To abide in Jesus requires a daily plan, a L3IFE Plan! So, starting January 20th our whole church is invited to engage together a L3IFE Plan to become like Jesus. It is a simple plan, which is why we are calling this first one, ONE WORD. Here is what you can do by January 27th:
   1. Become a part of a L3IFE Group. It can be two, three or more – but best not to be more than 12. You may form one yourself or sign up to be a part of one. We will have sign up opportunities each Sunday and on our website. Define your groups meeting schedule.
   2. Get a L3IFE Journal and L3IFE Bible Reading Plan. These will be available by January 27th. All the instructions for your daily Bible reading and group time will be in this plan.
New to Mineral Wells?  New to being a Disciple? If you have never been a part of a group like this, we will have a group for you to get started called A Disciple’s Path.  This group will meet Sunday evenings from 5:30 to 7:00pm starting January 27th
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