Summer Message Series: “First Things”
Each week this Summer’s sermon messages will discuss First Things. Getting right to the point, Jesus and His Kingdom are the first things!  Matthew 6:33 says, “Seek first His kingdom and his righteousness and you will have everything that you need.”  Great promise!  But how do I put Jesus first, and his kingdom?  It’s really hard to put God’s kingdom first in this world we live in.  We’ll answer questions like, “How do I eliminate the things in my life that get in the way?  Why is it so important to put God’s kingdom first?  What are some of the ways I can bring God’s kingdom into my life now?  We’ll also talk about issues of worry, giving up and fear – and also how we can pattern our lives to experience God’s peace and rest and daily keep the main thing the main thing.  Come each Sunday this Summer and discover a next step to living Jesus’ best for you.
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