Mineral Wells is a family where we desire to see lives changed by Jesus.

We are a place you can come as you are and know you are accepted.
A rich man once asked Jesus, “Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” Jesus took this chance to guide the man down a pathway to teach him exactly what he needed to be and do to find LIFE. How did He respond? He posed a question, “Why do you call me good?” (Mark 10:17-18, NIV).
New Message Series: ONE QUESTION? It has been said, “Leaders do not need answers. Leaders must have the right questions.” Why? The right question guides us to what needs to be answered most. Jesus modeled this for us. Many of us live life asking the wrong questions. As a result we wind up finding answers that don’t bring us where we need to be. Jesus often answered a question with another question. He was never avoiding answering their questions, he was simply guiding them to what the real question was that needed to be answered. Come SUNDAY and discover One Question that needs to be answered!
LIFE Reading PLAN: “One Question” When we read the Bible, kind of like the game Jeopardy, if we can discover the question the passage is answering, we discover more deeply what the Bible is teaching us. Sometimes it is obvious, other times it is very difficult – But the Holy Spirit will guide you! Over this coming Summer season we will be following another LIFE PLAN – Bible Reading Plan. For each chapter you read you will be challenged to come up with ONE QUESTION that comes to your mind from reading this passage. Your “Question” may be a question that encapsulates what this passage is saying. Or, It may be a personal question you have after reading. You are challenged to come up with ONE QUESTION for each chapter you read and then bring these questions with you to your LIFE GROUP to discuss each week and discover what the Holy Spirit is teaching you.
If you don’t have a LIFE GROUP, see Dana Reid who will get you connecting into one. We will be forming new groups as we start this next Bible Reading LIFE PLAN. The LIFE PLAN and instructions will be available starting May 12 at the Connection Point as you enter worship.
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